Moulding Expo 2019 - complete CAD/CAM / MES system

    Tebis, a specialist in CAD/CAM and MES process solutions in model, die and mold manufacturing, shared a presentation to visitors at the 2019 Moulding Expo (May 21 to 24 in Stuttgart, Germany) about new technology in which design, manufacturing preparation and NC programming are automated and combined in one system.

    In its software version 4.1, Tebis provides users from the model, die and mold manufacturing industries with a complete end-to-end CAD/CAM system in which all tasks in NC programming can seamlessly be performed with a single system. The manufacturing environment and knowledge and design expertise can be completely stored in Tebis. CAD and CAM processes are directly connected to the MES solution. The software provider's goal is to provide manufacturers with support in positioning themselves for a viable future with their automated CAD/CAM MES complete solution.

    NC automation with Tebis AutomillTM

    It has always been Tebis's goal to help accelerate NC programming in model, mold and die manufacturing. The manufacturer again positioned itself as an NC automation partner at this year's Moulding Expo:
    Tebis replaces conventional, repetitive programming steps with automated access to stored information: To calculate NC programs, the software evaluates the digital CAD model of parts and accesses stored representations of the company's existing manufacturing environment and knowledge that is in templates. Proven manufacturing knowledge is stored in NCSets, features and Job Managers.
    Virtual machines correspond to real machines and are aware of parameters such as kinematics and the operating space. Virtual tools correspond to real tools and include cutting data. Virtual clamping devices correspond to real clamping devices.

    Reliability and planning in manufacturing

    The digital twins of machines, tools and clamping devices in the company provide not only speed but also reliability. They enable reliable unattended manufacturing for the customer. Before NC processing, Tebis reviews the NC programs for collisions in the CNC simulator.  This means that only NC programs that have been reviewed for collisions based on the virtual manufacturing environment are sent to the machine. Many customers also use the simulator as a planning tool where they can check feasibility in advance and prevent collisions.
    With its ProLeiS MES solution, Tebis also offers its customers a planning and control application. The user can plan, control and evaluate their entire manufacturing process within ProLeiS. The data enables a detailed overview of all manufacturing projects. With this tool, Tebis supports its customers with on-time delivery and cost reductions.

    A complete provider

    Not only did Tebis exhibit its complete software system at the trade fair, it also gave visitors a clear picture of its ability to serve as a complete provider of software and services. More than 60 employees who are familiar in the manufacturing industry work in the Tebis Service departments. They support Tebis customers in automating their CAM programming and design.



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