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    Personnel management and increasing efficiency

    Demands at the middle management level are high. This area requires that responsible personnel not only have technical expertise, but also a combination of entrepreneurial thinking and social responsibility.

    The seminar clearly presents the strategies companies can use when facing external market influences in order to secure a competitive advantage and increase efficiency. It also shows the participants how to effectively lead their employees as supervisors, how to motivate them and how to successfully implement changes. Due consideration is given to maintaining the high degree of flexibility necessary in manufacturing.

    Discounts for other registered persons as well as for members and partners of the VDWF on request.


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    21. March 2024 / online, on your computer
    16. October 2024 / Göppingen, Germany

    Target group

    This seminar is targeted for foremen and persons with responsibility for personnel in die manufacturing.


    • Examine current market situation
    • Five different influencing factors – Targeting on increasing efficiency
    • Competence in leadership – The transition from colleague to manager
    • Employee motivation – Principles and simple methods
    • The change process – What is important and what roles do personnel play?
    • Networking with other managers


    This seminar gives you the foundation for the decisions and activities you need to more effectively and productively structure the processes in your organization. You will learn ways to increase your company's efficiency and competitiveness. You will also learn how to successfully and sustainably implement changes and the role played by employees in this process.

    The seminar was very good. We came away with many new insights.
    Matthias Weible, Pfletschinger & Gauch Betriebs-GmbH


    Case studies of customer-to-customer relations and from single-part manufacturing clearly show how the various factors work in practice.
    You can immediately apply this knowledge in your own organization after the seminar. You will be better able to recognize economic and organizational relationships, make the right personnel decisions and apply appropriate practices.


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    5-12 participants
    1 day
    Online seminar: €495 and €395 for VDWF members
    Offline seminar: €549 and €495 for VDWF members
    20% discount for every additional participant
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