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    The Tebis service contract

    The Tebis service contract offers you a fair partnership and a comprehensive worry-free package for the long term. You’ll benefit from automatic software updates from the Tebis help desk You can also flexibly license additional software components.

     Software updates
    > You automatically receive direct access to all current updates to the Tebis CAD/CAM software and to update documentation. 

    Help desk
    Customers with service contracts can use the Tebis hotline free of charge and receive preferential technical support for questions about using, installing and configuring Tebis and ProLeiS. 

    Customer community
    You gain exclusive membership to the Tebis Customer Community and benefit from discussions with Tebis users, video tutorials and useful tips and tricks.

    The Tebis service contract lets you easily maximize the performance of your software and always keeps you up to date.

    We also offer a a variety of licensing and financing models for your Tebis installation.
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    The support and service we’ve received so far have been outstanding and at the highest level of quality. At APH3G we’re looking forward to a long-term collaboration with Tebis.

    Andy Hollings, managing director of APH3G

    The benefits for your performance


    Benefits of the Tebis service contract:

    • Greater reliability and fast assistance when service is needed
    • Up-to-date, long-lasting software
    • Fast workflows for greater productivity
    • Interface maintenance for long-term compatibility
    • Transparent maintenance costs for reliable budget planning

    Details of our contractual services

    Software updates

    We regularly provide software updates. They let you easily keep your Tebis software up to date.

    Help desk

    We’re here for our customers: When you call the hotline, a Tebis expert will answer all your questions about installing, configuring and using Tebis and ProLeiS.

    More information on the help desk
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