Tebis 4.1 enables companies to digitalize their entire manu-facturing environment

    Reiner Schmid, Head of Product Management, Tebis AG

    Even more automation of process sequences in Tebis 4.1 with fully integrated clamping device library
    Martinsried, Germany, May 18, 2021 – Tebis, a specialist in CAD/CAM and MES process solutions in model, die and mold manufacturing, has fully integrated its clamping device library in its new complete CAD/CAM system 4.1.
    All real components relevant to manufacturing are now stored in virtual process libraries based on digital twins in Version 4.1.
    This enables automation of all manufacturing processes with fast, safe, and limited personnel production on the machinery.

    Reiner Schmid, Head of Tebis AG Product Management, explains: "Highly detailed digitalization of the manufacturing environment is an important milestone in the automation of manufacturing processes. Everything that can be completed in the CAM software saves time and resources on the machines. With the integration of the clamping device library in the virtual process library, the machine can now be completely set up in the virtual world – including multiple setups. This significantly reduces the setup time."

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