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    Tebis 4.1 Release 5-8 Update

    Both as online training and live in the Tebis training rooms

    The update training is intended exclusively for users who have already received training for Tebis 4.1 Release 1-4.

    Users solidify their skills in using Tebis 4.1 in practical exercises and extend them to include the new features in Release 5-8. The training course emphasizes understanding of the new features in Release 5-8.
    After the 1-day training course, your Tebis users will be able to work confidently with the new features and take advantage of their benefits.
    This is due to the even greater degree of automation in CAM programming.

    • For example, the exercises will include roughing, finishing and residual stock machining operations in both 3D and 2.5D in practical situations.
    • We will also focus on setup that can be fully automated in connection with the new flexible reset behavior to account for "changes in plan" in manufacturing.
    • Attendees will also be trained in the new 3-axis milling functionality for residual stock machining. This is now significantly more efficient and increases process safety with its intelligent area detection.

    Use the Tebis update training sessions to bring your Tebis users up to the best possible training level.

    September 19, 2024 / Martinsried, Germany
    September 19, 2024 / Online-Training, on your computer
    November 28, 2024 / Göppingen, Germany
    November 28, 2024 / Online-Training, on your computer

    Target group

    Tebis users who have already received training for Tebis 4.1 Release 1-4.


    • 3D and 2.5D roughing and finishing
    • 3D und 2.5D residual stock machining
    • Intelligent area detection
    • CAM automation
    • Fully automated part setup
    • New flexible reset behavior
    • Adapt NCJobs to changes in plan without recalculation


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    Further information on the online training courses and driving directions are available here:

    Online training courses

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