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    The new issue of TebisWorld is now available. Learn from interviews and reports from use in practice how Tebis Software makes your manufacturing processes faster, simpler and more reliable.

    What is currently being discussed in the die and mold manufacturing, mechanical engineering and model manufacturing industries? In the TebisWorld editorial, Ulrike Keller poses this question to her colleague Ingo Vincon: Ingo had the opportunity to speak with many visitors to ABM in September. The shortage of qualified personnel, competitive pressure, ensuring competitiveness – those are the big concerns today. Articles about the Tebis software and reports from actual use cases as well as interviews provide you with insights into how you can work with Tebis to address these major challenges.
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    In this issue, read about customers Heinz Schwarz GmbH & Co.KG and Integrity Tool & Mold and how they were able to improve their manufacturing efficiency and productivity using Tebis.

    Diedrich Diedrichsen from Heinz Schwarz GmbH & Co.KG talks about successful change processes in his company. Schwarz was supported in this undertaking by Tebis Consulting.


    Additional topics in the current issue (excerpt):

    Anyone using 5-axis milling will find the interview with Tebis Product Manager Helmut Vergin extremely interesting: He explains how easy 5-axis milling has become with Release 6 of Tebis CAD/CAM software.

    No compromises in simulation: Learn how the Tebis CNC Simulator combines reliability and speed.

    Staying competitive calls for efficient order planning and control. Digital manufacturing managementwith MES ProLeiS from Tebis brings you systematically into the future of manufacturing. Read what MES ProLeiS can do.

    Still a hot topic: Industry 4.0. Everybody's heard about it, but few know how to get there. Two articles show how consulting provides orientation on the road to digitalization.

    Join us in a recap of 2018 and a look into the near future with the key word: associative/parametric design. Of course, this issue also provides tips & tricks for working with Tebis.
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