Tebis white paper: Evolution in sheet-metal forming

    End-to-end automation in the context of Industry 4.0

    With the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, the job of software and process providers such as Tebis AG is increasingly focused on linking the virtual and real worlds together. This involves the key topics of digitization, automation and of course quality. Achieving these – and even improving quality – do not conflict with automation – the Tebis die manufacturing process ensures this. Tebis also makes it possible for small and medium-size companies to gradually implement Industry 4.0.

    Networking - Integrated automation

    The Tebis die manufacturing process for greater productivity and better quality

    Tebis has developed functioning software-supported processes specifically for die manufacturing to enable the production of top-quality class-A surfaces and to automate manufacturing of small parts. Both processes verifiably reduce manufacturing expenditure, thanks to standardization and the integration of individual manufacturing knowledge. New technologies are integrated, as are manufacturing processes with robots. The additional implementation of an MES solution enables management of the overall value creation chain.
    Tebis White paper: Evolution in sheet-metal forming