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    CAM Base

    In this basic CAM training course, participants will learn basic functions in the Tebis Job Manager in order to create, check, output and document roughing, finishing and residual stock NC paths, simple prismatic machining operations and simple drilling programs. Participants will implement the learned material and expand their knowledge in practical exercises. The training also includes independently creating dies and modifying existing dies and storing technology data as well as handling and using the Tebis manufacturing libraries.
    As further training course, we recommend "CAM Milling and Drilling Plus".


    Virtual or in-person

    11. December 2023 / Troy, United States
    22. January 2024 / Troy, United States
    12. February 2024 / Troy, United States

    Target group

    • Prerequisite: "Tebis Base" training course 

    • New users who want to start using Tebis CAM applications


    • Analyzing Part geometry
    • Libraries in Tebis
    • Tool Management
    • NC-Job Manager
    • 3D Roughing, Finishing,
    • Milling curves
    • Extended Strategies
    • Residual Stock machining-fillets
    • Re machining
    • Collision avoidance (area reduction)
    • Documentation
    • 2.5D Drilling


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    Your event: CAM Base
    Troy, United States
    11.12.2023 - 15.12.2023
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