Excellence in production: Tebis ProLeiS at WBA

    ProLeiS managing director Dr. Dieter Born presented the potentials of digital networking using the ProLeiS MES (manufacturing execution system) to a packed room.

    Aachen was once again the central meeting place for the die and mold manufacturing industry at the "Excellence in Production" (EiP) event. Tebis was present as a partner at the Werkzeugbau Akademie Aachen (WBA) annual meeting and at the 19th international colloquium "Tool and Die Manufacturing for the Future." WBA investigates industry problems and trends and provides information on developments in the market and the competition. 

    In the demonstration die manufacturing shop, collaboration partners Tebis and WBA gave live presentations of future-oriented solutions for the higher-level interaction of Tebis CAD/CAM, MES ProLeiS and PDM manufacturing in digitalized manufacturing. Many guests came to the meeting at the RWTH Aachen Melaten Campus.

    Automated process organization: All aspects of manufacturing are planned, controlled and evaluated in the demonstration die manufacturing shop using Tebis ProLeiS MES and Tebis CAD/CAM software.
    MES ProLeiS promotes the digital transformation in die manufacturing

    In a fully packed room, ProLeiS managing director Dr. Dieter Born presented the possibilities of digital networking with ProLeiS MES (manufacturing execution system). During a tour of the demonstration die manufacturing shop, participants also got practical insights into continuous CAx process chains, manufacturing automation and automated process organization with ProLeiS. ProLeiS experts responded to questions and discussed with guests how the industry can better benefit from the potential of digital networking. 

    ProLeiS MES promotes the digital transformation in die manufacturing and is specifically oriented to single-part manufacturing. As an integration platform, the MES networks all the necessary systems, machines, departments and processes associated with manufacturing.

    From right to left: Dr. Dieter Born (ProLeiS managing director) and Dr. Thomas Wrede (Tebis member of the board) talked about the opportunities of digitalized die manufacturing and discussed trends in the industry.
    Long-term competitiveness with digitalized manufacturing

    At the 19th international colloquium "Tool and Die Manufacturing for the Future," representatives from industry and research presented practical examples and success strategies. In the podium discussion entitled "Networked adaptive die manufacturing – technical expertise and process capability as the key to success," experts from internal and external die manufacturing operations discussed practical recommendations that enable companies to remain competitive over the long term. In the accompanying industrial exhibition, participants learned about the functions and potentials of MES ProLeiS. 

    The selection of the "2019 die manufacturer of the year" was also met with excitement and was won by Fritz Stepper GmbH & Co. KG (Pforzheim, Germany).