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    Highlights from the 2019 Open House

    This year's Tebis Technology Days took place in early May at our headquarters in Martinsried, Germany, with the theme, "We bring it all together." More than 700 guests from Germany and abroad took this opportunity to learn about trends and topics in the model, mold, die and machine manufacturing industries.

    The video: We bring it all together

    Please enjoy this video we put together, which provides an overview of the Open House, including statements from guests and Tebis:

    The report: We bring it all together

    You and us. You and others

    The Tebis Technology Days brought together managers, users and experts from manufacturers in several different industries. Participants enjoyed lively discussions along with information and knowledge sharing while networking and attending industry-specific presentations. A highlight was the live podium discussion where select participants engaged in a high-level discussion on the topic of "Agile structures in model, die and mold manufacturing," moderated by Susanne Schröder, editor-in-chief of the renowned technical magazine Form+Werkzeug. Everyone agreed that, with increased competition, companies must be able to respond quickly and adopt new technology if they want to maintain a presence in the market.

    Shortage of qualified personnel and automation, real and virtual manufacturing, CAD/CAM and MES

    Recently, as the skilled trade and manufacturing workers are in short supply, the advantage goes to companies who can access a CAD/CAM and MES environment in which their manufacturing processes – machines, tools, clamping devices and the proven knowledge of their own people – are digitally stored. At the Open House, guests were able to see the more information and experiences that are stored in the digital workspace, the more quality, efficiency and safety benefits are received. As well as the ease of planning and control order processing.

    Design and manufacturing

    The main topic and the highlight of the event was the upcoming release of Tebis Version 4.1. The updated version has a parametric/associative CAD core – an important prerequisite for more intelligent parts. Of course, Tebis has the same high standards for parametric/associative designas it does for the quality of its algorithms for NC programming and simulation on virtual machines. The new Tebis CAD technology will enable optimizations so that organizations can work more quickly and effectively – such as in data preparation or in designing of molds, dies, models and fixtures – especially when users can use all of the functions in a system world. The booth and presentation for this topic were well-received by visitors.

    Your processes and our consultants

    The Executive Lounge, where Tebis Consulting presented its strategies, approaches and measures in management and process consulting, was well-attended throughout the event. Decision-makers and managing directors met with Tebis personnel and networked with each other. At a very popular "regulars table" for management, Tebis consultants and visitors discussed trends and risks in the manufacturing industry and available solutions.

    5-axis technology and your requirements, turning and 5-axis milling, tools ...

    Working with specific examples, visitors at the event had the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning about new Tebis technologies . The comprehensive functions for 5-axis milling and turning and milling on a single machine, expanded in the latest release, were of special interest. The partner booths with machine and tool technologies were also very well-attended.