This year's Open House focuses on the future.

    The future of manufacturing and our role in boosting industry efficiency.

    As a result, the exhibition’s format will differ from previous years.

    What to expect at the Tebis Open House:

    The central theme of this year's Open House is the manufacturing process of the future. The best part? You can experience that future today with Tebis! Explore our latest process solution for cloud-based and networked manufacturing live.

    Room "Cloud & SaaS" 

    The cloud and SaaS these critical technologies have become indispensable to modern workflows. Learn how Tebis can help you integrate these essential technologies into your offerings and discover what's already possible today.  

    Room "Digitalization & networking"

    Efficient planning and effective workflows rely on well-designed, digitalized process and seamless system and partner integration. Digitalization and networking are important topics that impact industries beyond manufacturingWe'll demonstrate how we provide practical support to our customers in digitalizing their work processes and how various systems and suppliers can already be successfully integrated today.

    Room "Globalization"

    This trend is set to have a major impact on supplier integration, production and logistics in future manufacturing processes. How can you leverage this trend in the manufacturing industry? What does globalization mean for sales, and how can processes be coordinated across national borders? We’re creating space for these discussions, among others, to address  the questions on your mind. 

    Room "Automation"

    Manufacturing processes offer many opportunities for automation: including equipment, logistics, planning, design, programming, and more. But only a fully automated process can deliver the greatest benefits. Today, it is unthinkable to work without modern CAD/CAM software that virtually represents manufacturing processes and automates as much as possible while retaining essential flexibility. The outcome? Manufacturing that’s up to 85% faster! Curious how this works? Come see for yourself!

    AI lab

    This lab is a space for experimentation and exploration. AI raises many questions that don’t yet have clear answers. We'll show you how we’re approaching this topic, and we’ll give you a glimpse of our forward-thinking research projects. We also want to discuss how artificial intelligence might impact the way you work in the future.

    Green Lounge

    This area is dedicated to another critical topic: the pervasive trend of "sustainability". For Tebis, this is much more than just a buzzword. What does sustainability mean to you? Let's talk about it! Share your thoughts, and let’s explore how we can help you navigate future challenges.