Maximum quality in automation—Tebis offers integrated quality control with "measurement in the process"

    Tebis, a specialist in CAD/CAM and MES process solutions in machine, die and mold manufacturing, will present its approach to integrated quality control using "measurement in the process" to visitors to its booth at EMO (Hall 9, Booth D15, September 16–21 in Hannover, Germany).

    "Measurement in the process" integrates quality control in the manufacturing process, enabling the user to produce parts without reworking. The Tebis Job Manager provides the technology necessary to control and adjust the reference point, check blank dimensions, and measure standard geometry. This results in complete programs for turning, milling and drilling, including measurement cycles with which the machining centers can run unattended for as long as possible.

    "Measurement in the process" represents far more than just a strictly technical function. On the contrary, the Tebis approach is based on knowledge of the economic realities in modern machine, die and mold manufacturing: Highly automated machine centers are increasingly being established as a modern, time-saving and powerful alternative. At the same time, these machines represent an investment and their utilization must be optimized as much as possible. Optimal utilization requires unattended operation during late shifts and night shifts. "Measurement in the process" enables unattended shifts with maximum quality control, while also supporting combined milling, drilling, turning and measuring operations. This enables users to minimize damage to their tools and machines.

    Because of the high degree of automation, "measurement in the process" provides for greater reliability and improves both efficiency and precision in the manufacturing process. Overall machining time is reduced as well.

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    The Tebis Job Manager adds controlling and adjusting of the reference point including checking of blank dimensions to the complete NC program for machining. (Image: Tebis AG)

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    Quality control is integrated into the machining process thanks to complete programs for turning, milling and drilling including measurement cycles. (Image: Tebis AG)


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