ProLeiS MES solution from Tebis enables manufacturing management and order control in line with Industry 4.0

    Tebis, a specialist in CAD/CAM and MES process solutions in machine, die and mold manufacturing, will present updates to its MES software at its booth at EMO (Hall 9, Booth D15, September 16–21 in Hannover, Germany). An industry-specific, comprehensive process management and control system, ProLeiS was developed specifically to address the requirements of single-part manufacturing.

    Manufacturing planners use ProLeiS for their manufacturing management and order control—ensuring efficiency, a high degree of automation and digitalization in line with Industry 4.0. ProLeiS users benefit from transparent planning and control of their orders, allowing them to optimize machine utilization and manufacture on time.

    Manufacturing planning is based on the bill of materials, resulting in a high level of planning accuracy. All important factors such as required machining steps, materials and lead times for each individual part to be manufactured are accounted for right from the start. End-to-end, consistent linking of all process steps ensures that the right parts are always at the right place (machine center, assembly area) at the right time. ProLeiS supports on-time results and provides transparency for successful projects.

    To achieve this, ProLeiS networks the existing systems, machines, employees and external resources required to manufacture molds and dies. The result: Everyone works within one system, from the shop floor to management.

    ProLeiS uses standardized interfaces to integrate relevant data, such as order data from ERP systems, and manage project documents (Microsoft Office, NC data). Dashboards display manufacturing data in real time along with parameters for manufacturing control and productivity. ProLeiS gives mold and die manufacturers full control of capacities, resources, deadlines and processes. This lets them improve their manufacturing processes and increase production capacity.

    ProLeiS is modular as well as highly configurable and extendable to meet individual requirements. The process management and control system facilitates the digital transition in mold and die manufacturing, guiding small and medium-sized manufacturers step by step toward Industry 4.0.

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    ProLeiS networks existing systems, machines, employees and external resources required to manufacture molds and dies. (Image: Tebis AG)

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    More transparency: ProLeiS clearly displays all important manufacturing information. Manufacturers have full control of capacities, resources, deadlines and processes at all times. (Image: Tebis AG)


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