Safety and quality in automation

    If the blank is automatically checked for correct size and alignment before machining, common sources of errors in manufacturing can be avoided.

    Tebis offers integrated quality control with "measurement in the manufacturing process"

    Martinsried, June 9, 2021: Tebis – a specialist in CAD/CAM and MES process solutions in production machining and die and mold manufacturing – is partnering with Renishaw to combine CAM and CAQ technologies for integrated quality control. Machines can now be used more efficiently thanks to "measurement in the manufacturing process.”

    Modern, highly automated machining centers are the backbone of productivity in production machining and mold and die manufacturing. However, the large investments that these machines entail result in high hourly rates and require that they be used with maximum efficiency. This can even mean working night and weekend shifts, for which few personnel are available.

    Surveys show that errors that can be prevented by integrating measurement in the production process occur in most companies.

    Using the handwheel to acquire the reference point on these machining centers takes too long. In addition, errors that require the remanufacturing of a workpiece can’t be tolerated: for example, the wrong blank, an incorrect setup, or the wrong reference point. Machining operations that are overlooked or areas with a machining allowance – for example, because the tool was pressed away – also mean a significant amount of extra work. In this case, the part must be reclamped for remachining and the reference point must be reacquired. Surveys show that over 70 percent of companies have experienced these errors.

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