Our CAD and NC services

    Increase capacity and overcome bottlenecks

    If needed, Tebis AG can support you with special CAD and NC services. Whether it’s due to overload, employee illness or vacation periods – our services will help you easily overcome short-term bottlenecks. Our Tebis CAD/CAM specialists in the Implementation team have extensive manufacturing expertise in your industry and are available on short notice and on a flexible schedule.

    Our CAD/CAM experts usually perform the CAD and NC services on-site. The goal is to draw on the synergy created by working alongside your team to quickly prepare high-quality, reliable programs and designs. Our implementation engineers use the complete range of Tebis software technology to ensure that every task area is covered. External support is also available by prior arrangement.


    Flexibility through expandable capacity 
    You can achieve your goals with our support for design and programming tasks despite fluctuations in orders and personnel. 
    Experts on-site with your team
    We work quickly and flexibly at your company, while following all your processes and quality requirements.
    Bundled experience 
    Our experienced specialists use the entire range of Tebis software technology in every task area.

    Examples from our portfolio of CAD and NC services

    We create, extend and modify your CAD models and prepare them for manufacturing. 

    We scan your manually formed or modified real objects, forming and injection molding dies and import the digitized data into Tebis.

    Using reverse engineering and our BREP technology, we generate a high-quality CAD surface model from the digitized data that’s fully usable for design.

    We design precise die surface models for you, generate reliefs, pressure surfaces and blade geometry and correct your dies.

    We can perform your programming tasks to the same quality requirements that you follow.

    Using CAD preparation with precise geometry, we quickly prepare design data for your programming that’s suitable for manufacturing. 

    Our CAM experts prepare efficient, collision-checked NC programs in-house or on-site for your 3- and 5-axis machining operations.

    We prepare high-quality NC programs for you for prismatic-ruled and free-form geometry like planar surfaces, contours, pockets and bores.

    The Tebis CAD/CAM specialists in the Implementation team

    Our large team of qualified implementation specialists has extensive expertise in design and manufacturing from the die and mold manufacturing, model-making and production machining industries. They do their best every day to design Tebis installations and processes and implement your projects – with partnership and passion and drawing on their professional experience.

    Additional information

    Digital manufacturing knowledge

    We evaluate your processes and manufacturing methods for standards, derive templates from these and integrate the knowledge in your Tebis installation. You’ll optimize your programming and machine capacity.

    Digital manufacturing environment

    We prepare exact virtual models of your manufacturing environment. This way your Tebis installation knows all about your machines, tools, units and controls. The flow of information from design to manufacturing is transparent, and this provides a solid foundation for further automation.

    Digital order processing

    Projects are easier to manage if your processes are clearly defined and are available to everyone in a single system. The ProLeiS MES software lets you digitally plan, control and evaluate all technical, organizational and logistical processes, from the initial inquiry to the finished product.

    Using reverse engineering to align the CAD world with the real world

    Reverse engineering is used everywhere that work is performed manually on real objects and in the CAD model. In model manufacturing, design objects and vehicles modeled in clay are scanned and transferred to CAD surfaces. In die manufacturing, manual changes to sheet-metal dies in the tryout phase are scanned and the existing CAD model is updated based on the scanned data.

    Designing and manufacturing active surfaces to exact specifications

    Tebis offers automated design functions with which active surface designers can include sheet thickness, thinning effects and reliefs in the design of the CAD active surfaces. This results in significant time savings in NC programming, machining and tryout.

    Preparing CAD models for manufacturing

    Fast and safe with combined solid and surface technology in Tebis: The better a CAD model is prepared for NC manufacturing, the less time and effort needs to be invested in NC programming. In many cases, NC programming can proceed automatically in Tebis.

    CNC programming

    Tebis CNC programming greatly reduces programming and setup time in the overall process chain. Tebis combines speed, reliability and a high degree of automation with the greatest possible flexibility. The portfolio includes industry-specific solutions for all areas, including 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis machining.

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