Tebis Key User Service: Leave the work to our experts

    The cost-effective service model for modern process maintenance

    Outsourcing: You have the option to permanently entrust Tebis experts with key user tasks such as modifying process libraries, creating templates and configuration work. 

    Tebis AG’s experts provide support and perform routine key user tasks in your company – even during active production. We’re there for you as a partner leveraging our in-depth manufacturing and process knowledge to enhance your efficiency. – We will handle your key user tasks, eliminating the need for dependency on specific personnel. Sustainable efficiency improvements can only be realized through the continuous maintenance of your processes.
    You’ll benefit from the experience of experts on-call whenever you require their assistance. You’ll receive flexible and effortless support. We collaboratively define the tasks and ensure they are accomplished within a reasonable timeframe. As the customer, you can determine the scope that works for you. Furthermore, you have the option to seek assistance in making those decisions.

    You focus on the programming. We’ll take care of process maintenance for you.

    If a company has a key user, it’s generally the most experienced programmer responsible for daily CAM tasks. This person may also have the task of establishing up to 11 Tebis knowledge libraries But: If they’re busy with day-to day task, the development of templates and maintaining the process libraries will naturally be compromised, and the reverse is also true.

    Sooner or later, even the most skilled workers will become overwhelmed. Once established, processes can rapidly deteriorate without continuous maintenance, rendering automation ineffective. Your personnel ultimately must invest the extra time to correct this – resulting in a decrease in output.
    An excessive workload: The key user has to establish libraries and processes – but they can’t ignore their daily tasks.

    Our service – your time savings

    Your process is our passion: We support you in becoming more efficient with process automation.
    The logical solution is to seek assistance. Long-term improvements in output and value creation can only be achieved by consistently maintaining and expanding your templates. What could be more practical for you as a customer than leveraging our many years of experience?

    The Tebis CAD/CAM specialists on our implementation team have in-depth manufacturing knowledge in your industry. Our team of experts is always available, responding quickly and adapting to your needs with flexibility. Another bonus: They’re ready to assist with the content and development status of pending software releases.

    Get access to our experts. Easily outsource typical key user process maintenance tasks to us whenever you need to. You determine the time and scope.

    This enables your key user to remain focused on your projects while ensuring your machines remain in active production. When your manufacturing process operates safely and continuously, your output will naturally increase. Based on our experience, process automation using templates can yield time savings of as much as 95%

    Overview of Tebis Key User Service

    Process libraries for more automation
    • Modify individual postprocessors (PP)

    • Keep virtual machines up to date (VM)

    • Expand tool and clamping device management

    • Maintain 2.5D, feature and NCSet libraries
    • Maintain documentation
    Templates for more efficient use of Tebis 4.1
    • Parametric CAD templates: Joint development and structuring, documentation and provision with Tebis
    • CAM templates: Individually prepared and customized for your applications (like automated selection)
    • Virtual setup: Overall process structure and maintenance
    Configuration work for effective Tebis usage
    • Customize your Tebis Starter
    • Customize your Tebis software installation

    • Maintain and expand configuration files in .txt format

    Your benefits:
    • ​​​​​​Quickly reduce your key user’s workload of time-consuming routines
    • Process maintenance in active production: Complete important orders on time in parallel with process optimization
    • Better planning of key user activities without needing to rely on a specific person
    • Less internal dependence on internal knowledge, illness, holidays or turnover
    • Reduced training costs: No need to cost-intensively maintain special knowledge
    • Always make optimal use of Tebis software
    • Safe processes for greater output and efficiency with Tebis 4.1
    • Time savings and shorter throughput time
    • Maintain future viability with process automation

    Take advantage of our experience and lighten the workload on your key user

    Our offer is just a click away: Make time for your important projects. It pays to inquire, because you'll talk to an optimally trained implementation team. Our Tebis CAD/CAM specialists will take care of all the tasks you outsource. This spares you the need for cost-intensive development of in-depth expertise.
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