What if you could manufacture turn-milling parts up to 70% faster?

    The Tebis Turn-Mill Package makes this easy to achieve.
    Our comprehensive, fully automated solution removes the worry for companies with combined machines.

    Does automation seem too expensive and complex for your manufacturing environment?

    It’s not. We have the solution you crave.

    Say goodbye to manual machine intervention! The Turn-Mill Package offers a cutting-edge virtual environment, allowing you to effortlessly program parts in CAM, and then cost-effectively manufacture them on the machine.

    Get started right away with our online training – no other modules or software needed!

    The package provides everything necessary to begin:

    Units and clamping devices (e.g. central management and positioning of jaw chucks, generating turning contours and blanks, reference points, area limitations and more.
    Bore detection including automatic machining, automatic cutting off with component transfer, turning and milling with stored processing sequences and more.
    One-to-one representation of tools with cutting data for various materials, such as speed, feed rate, turning tools with all components
    Your production continues without interruption, and delivery deadlines are met and even surpassed
    Take advantage of the modular Tebis CAD/CAM solution and progressively expand your package, reaching a 100% fully automated manufacturing process

    Tebis Turn-Mill Package:
    A comprehensive, reliable solution for die and mold manufacturing and production machining


    Perfect for those who want to:
    • Quickly and easily prepare NC programs
      without blocking the machine
    • Save your manufacturing expertise
      and standardize proven methods
    • Utilize the full performance potential and achieve a 100% ROI
      with your new machine
    • Improve your cost-effectiveness
      through collision avoidance and optimal resource utilization

    Fully automated turn-milling – up to 70% faster

    The worry-free Tebis Turn-Mill Package includes training, software, and digital twins in the form of a virtual machine.
    Comprehensive package starts at €23,500.


    • Geometry analysis, curve, surface and solid design, optimization of surfaces
    • Generation of NC auxiliary geometries such as blanks and turning contours based on 3D data or drawings
    • Automatic, feature-based machining of bores and pockets
    • NC simulation including collision checking of the machine and units
    • 3+2-axis milling of 2.5D and free-form geometry
    • Import of DXF and VDAIS data (IGES) and of STEP
    • Virtual catalog machine with postprocessor including acceptance.
      Turn-milling machine with a turret (Y axis + live tooling) including main and sub spindle
    • Instruction for Tebis CAM users in Gildemeister structure programming

    • Basis for CAM module extension
    • CAM basis for turning module
    Optional supplement: Five days of on-site implementation in your company
    At your request, we can support you in implementing an example tool database and establishing an example NCSet and feature library.
    We can also work with you to establish a perfectly customized manufacturing process including all necessary workflows to make your turn-milling machine even more efficient and more profitable.

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