Standardise your processes using Tebis as we are more than just CAD CAM software company

    Paul Scally operation manager from Tebis UK explains: “Tebis aims to standardise your processes. We don’t just sell CAD/CAM software which is our core business but what we also aim to do is to be a process provider and technical partner for companies.”

    Paul also explains: “Tebis CAD/CAM software has the consultancy team that comes into to your business to measure and check how you currently working within the industry standards including understanding where your strength and weaknesses are. The team will compare the business to industry standards and provide guidance on where improvements could be made. Tebis has already received special rewards and it is very well recognised for the result we have produced. Rewards like: Best of Consulting Mittelstand 2018 and Top Consultant 2017”.    

    Tebis’ consultants will focus on the factors like: what is the situation with tools and their management? What is the setup process and the flow of material like? Is there a lot of reworking required? Is production reliable and are the machines fully utilised? Tebis CAD/CAM software works together with the customer to define goals that they want to achieve. Are these strategic goals, such as alignment for the future or increased sales? Or are they process-based goals such as reducing throughput times or increasing efficiency? This is where Tebis CAD/CAM software can help by implementing 5 libraries.

    Tebis’ 5 main libraries are to aid and organise your CAM and best practice activities for your workshop. These are; cutting tools, machine tools and fixturing, feature libraries, pre-defined milling, drilling operations and pre-defined manufacturing processes. These tool libraries contain extensive information on all speeds and feeds, even if making a roughing or finishing operation.

    Tebis also has libraries of machines available to contain the actual machine limits. 

    Standardised toolpaths are able to define tool magazines that reflect reality, or if this is not available a tool cabinet and trolley next to the machine. Therefore, all tools are ready for the process and not hidden away

    The libraries contain the standards and processes for fast programming times through automation and achieve consistent quality. For example, in the workshop some engineers are working in different ways and by implementing Tebis CAD CAM software, this job can be standardised with minimum programmer support to give the fast programming time and consistent quality. The benefits of the entire process in your workshop are: increased machine productivity, automated flow of information, reduced expenditures and reduced lead times.

    Paul explains: “Tebis CAD CAM software will store all the company knowledge in the Tebis’ libraries in the automation then you can have the engineer to produce the same jobs with the same quality very quickly.”