Take off with Tebis

    Take off with Tebis

    New Features with Tebis Version 4.0 Release 6 for 5-axis simultaneous machining
    What do you need for machining complex components? Are you looking for the best in 5 axis CAM software? Tebis has the solution.


    During the Seco event, a A350 fuel connector for the aerospace sector was produced using Tebis CAD/CAM software on a Hermle C30 U 5-axis machine with full 5-axis simultaneous milling and adaptive roughing. It was a great opportunity to show off the capabilities what can be achieved by using Tebis software.

    Phil Smith, Application Engineer at Tebis, explains how the component was machined: “The complex design of the part matched our latest 5-axis functionalities perfectly, such as 5-axis Adaptive Roughing, Port Machining and Surface Machining.  This allows the component to be produced in a single setup, rather than multiple setups, with very high quality surface finish.

    These cycles in addition to Tebis Virtual Machine technology, which is used in three stages of the process for machining planning, CAM programming and toolpath verification, allows optimal collision free toolpaths on complex parts.”


    The manufacturing stages with the fuel connector: 

    Phil Smith also explains that the main benefit of Tebis uses a variety of options for full cut handling and for full cut avoidance. In full cut handling, feed rates are automatically reduced in full cut areas; when required, trochoidal machining with adaptive roughing can be used to avoid full cut. In this case, toolpath layout is automatically adapted to the geometry.

    When it comes to rough and finish cycles, when carrying out for multi-sided machining of undercut areas, key and ball cutters can be used to achieve very high surface quality with the shortest possible tools. The part can be completely machined in single setup and the operations on milling machines can very easy planned and calculated without collisions. This machining method is also suitable for 5-axis simultaneous milling of undercut pockets and breakthroughs, as well as for flow passages and impellers.


    NC programming 5-axis simultaneous milling paths operations and generating collision free NC codes are very easy-to-use with Tebis CAD/CAM software. Research shows that Tebis programmers, that previous created 3-axis toolpath, also learn to easily program with 5-axis milling. This is because each function is tailored to special machining tasks and only includes the parameters that are actually necessary for the respective task. If you previously used 3- axis machining it shouldn’t be a problem to update to 5-axis machining with Tebis.

    Reliable and efficient Tebis CAD/CAM 5- axis

    Benefits include: Precisely adapted functions for manufacturing preparation, such as for guide and centre curves; Optimal use of circular segment cutters with barrel oval, taper or lens geometry; All roughing and finishing strategies integrated; Short programming times; Annelyse and interactively optimise tool tilt direction; Reduce machining times and machine idle times.

    Tebis has ensured process efficiency and technological edge in international dies, mould and model manufacturing, in industrial design, in machinery and equipment. The company works responsibly and follows clear principles, wholly in the interest of its customers. It offers support on-site, around the world, as a process provider.

    Finished products

    To watch the full video of the 5-axis milling operation of this Airbus A350 fuel connector on Hermle C30 U 5-axis machine tool, click here.

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