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    Tebis 4.1 Release 1-4 Update

    Train online or on-site in Tebis training rooms.

    Participants will learn how to use the extensively updated Tebis user interface and the new time-saving options for parametric design with curves, surfaces and solids. After the 3-day training, your Tebis users will be able to immediately work with Tebis 4.1 Release 1-4 and take advantage of its substantial benefits. Your part preparation, programming speed and machine safety will all improve.
    The training will include all the new features of Tebis 4.1 Release 1-4.
    We’ll also clarify questions on installation and data transfer from Version 4.0.

    18. December 2023 / Online-Training, on your computer
    15. January 2024 / Martinsried, Germany
    15. January 2024 / Online-Training, on your computer
    11. March 2024 / Göppingen, Germany
    11. March 2024 / Online-Training, on your computer
    6. May 2024 / Martinsried, Germany
    6. May 2024 / Online-Training, on your computer
    17. June 2024 / Göppingen, Germany
    17. June 2024 / Online-Training, on your computer
    16. September 2024 / Martinsried, Germany
    16. September 2024 / Online-Training, on your computer
    25. November 2024 / Göppingen, Germany
    25. November 2024 / Online-Training, on your computer

    Target group

    Tebis 4.0 users


    • Data transfer and conversion (migration)
    • New user interface (GUI)
    • Hybrid modeling (surfaces + solids)
    • New CAD functions and extensions (parametric design)
    • CAD structure tree
    • Sketcher
    • Object-oriented work methods
    • Principles of CAD template technology for CAM preparation
    • CAM Job Manager in the structure tree
      - New machining and clamping dialog
      - New NCJob
    • CAM extensions Tebis 4.1 R1-4
    • Extensions in machine technology
    • Presentation of clamping device management
    • Presentation of measurement in the process


    Please select a desired date to book your event
    3 days

    Further information on the online training courses is given here:

    Online training courses

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