Tebis is positioned as a partner to industry in China

    The die and automotive industry in China is changing: Future-oriented CAD/CAM solutions are an absolute must to meet the great demand and ever-increasing requirements in the domestic and international markets. Tebis is increasingly positioning itself locally as the partner of choice and supports industry in China in its development from the world's workshop to the world's high-tech laboratory.

    Tebis China recently held its own user conferences in the cities of Suzhou and Chengdu with the trendsetting motto, "Reaching for the future with innovation and knowledge." At the events, each of which attracted more than 100 representatives from industries as well as from education and research, users presented their results with Tebis using presentations based on practical examples. The most exciting application examples came from long-term Tebis partners, including Saic VolkswagenYesun (Shanghai) Mould Co. Ltd. and Hitachi Tool. Participants were treated to very realistic applications demonstrating how efficiency, capacity and added value for the customer can be increased with Tebis.

    Manufacturing 4.0 in China

    Hosting the event, Tebis discussed the challenges of digitalization, including reliability, knowledge and efficiency. As an integral part of the conferences, participants discussed questions of how manufacturing companies can further develop intelligent automation in the workshop in the age of Industry 4.0. Zhuang Xiaolin, general manager at Tebis China, explained: 

    Intelligent manufacturing entails significant changes. These present us with new challenges but also show potential. Our task is to support the companies in integrating resources and further developing automation. The goal is to improve production quality and to bring companies to the forefront in automatic production as well as intelligent manufacturing.

    Liu Yongchao, head of Manufacturing at Sichuan Push Mold Co. Ltd., illustrated how using Tebis can improve quality and efficiency in applications like automatic surface optimization, springback compensation or class-A optimization of surface models, thereby optimizing the overall technology level.

    Liu Yongchao, head of Manufacturing at Sichuan Push Mold Co. Ltd.

    Tebis as a partner on the path into the future

    "Made in China 2025" includes far-reaching expectations for the manufacturing industry. The government and industry are investing large sums in automatic manufacturing and digitization. Tebis AG Chairman of the Board Dr. Thomas Wrede said: "Tebis also sees great potential in the China market and is prioritizing strategic business development there. And with our technical service team there, we are able to support customers in China on their path to automatic manufacturing." 

    With its new branch in Chengdu, Tebis has established a key position in the west of China to support customers in these regions. Zhou Hanxiang, managing director of Tebis China, summed up the conference and explained: "With its high-quality CAD/CAM software, its service portfolio and the intelligent manufacturing management system on the MES level, Tebis represents a coherent, intelligent manufacturing platform for Industry 4.0. This lets users improve their product quality and efficiency, ensure production reliability and reduce costs. Overall, this enables them to optimize their competitiveness."

    Zhou Hanxiang, Tebis China managing director 

    Because of the great success of these events, Tebis user conferences in China will be repeated regularly.