Tebis Version 4.0 Release 8 is available for download

    Version 4.0 Release 8 offers many new and improved functions.  The key words are indexed collision avoidance, the simplified feature scanner, improved 5-axis simultaneous avoidance milling and much more. Reverse engineering is also easier and faster with more automation.

    CAD – Reverse engineering
    • More automation and clear presentation of the results
    • Retain design curves
    CAM – Drilling
    • Extended machine unit library enables complete automation of deep drilling
    CAM – Automation
    • Better overview and clear operating structures in the revised feature scanner
    CAM – data processing
    • Save time with precise profile contours
    CAM – Milling
    • Downward machining of curves and contours with high rate of material removal
    • Faster machining with indexed collision avoidance
    • Shorter run time and fewer machine movements in 5-axis simultaneous avoidance milling
    • 5-axis simultaneous deburring, now also with tapered cutters
    • Greater flexibility for machine operators
    • High-performance roughing with optimized connecting paths
    CAM – Machine technology
    • Quickly and easily create tool assemblies
    • Convenient, clearly structured machine simulation
    CAM – Job planning
    • More collision checking in multiple setups
    • User-friendly comment function
    Laser cutting and trimming
    • Run-time optimized NC programs for reliefs



    Have a look at our Release 8 Flyer