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    "CAD for CAM" Template Technology

    This training course is intended for key Tebis users working in CAM who set up and manage Tebis CAD Template Management for CAM preparation in their company. Continually recurring design activities for CAM part preparation can be represented and automated using CAD templates, such as for creating blanks, reference points and auxiliary geometries for part programming. This standardizes part preparation and NC documentation and significantly reduces programming effort. Overall programming times are reduced. In this training course, participants learn all the methods for creating and maintaining such an automation template. Training is also given in the structures for integration in any customer environment.

    Target group

    • Users who set up and maintain Tebis CAD template management for CAM preparation as Tebis key users
    • Prerequisite: Participation in the "Update V4.1" (or "Tebis Base") and "Parametric design with Tebis" training courses


    • Creating and using "CAD for CAM" templates
    • Automated data preparation 
    • Template matrix
    • Standardized and uniform folder structure 
    • Parametric CAD technology
    • User parameters and formulas 
    • Variant table


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