New: Tebis online training courses – at any location, live and certified

    You can now complete full-value Tebis training courses online – live and at the same high quality. Participants use Tebis software in practical applications, learn the functions and practice on specific examples. The trainer communicates directly with the participants. After successfully completing thetraining, you’ll receive certification

    Whether you’re in your company office or your home office, you don't need any special hardware or software. Just log in to the training session with a link that gives you access to powerful Tebis hardware with the latest Tebis software. Just one participant is enough: Register now for an online training course suitable for your industry, your technology and your current level of knowledge.


    Online training courses – what we offer

    You can now register for online training courses for:

    • Special manufacturing methods 
    • Basic and advanced courses 
    • Designers, NC programmers and key users

    Our trainers present the course content livedemonstrate applications, provide assistance and answer questions on the spot. After successful completion, participants receive a certificate – just like always. 

    • Full-value, certified Tebis training courses
    • With the latest Tebis software
    • Live and interactive 
    • Participate from anywhere, your office or remotely
    • Small groups of one to six participants
    • Access high-performance training computers
    • Simple dial-in access
    • Save time and travel and accommodation costs 

    Tebis online training is very beneficial and can save you a lot of travel time and cost. The remote system ran smoothly throughout all three training days and customer specific parts and issues were addressed during the class. It's great that you can proceed with your daily business before and after the training session.

    Peter Kalenka, head of mold making / foam molding at Polipol PBV GmbH, Germany

    Online training courses - what you should know

    What is unchanged

    • Registration for online training courses on our website
    • Structure and contents 
    • Training documents, practical applications
    • Demonstration and interactive support by the trainer
    • Use of the latest Tebis software and powerful Tebis hardware  
    • Certificate following successful completion

    As always, you can continue to count on our live training courses in the Tebis training rooms. But given the current situation, we cannot say with certainty when the Tebis training rooms will reopen. Just let us know if you are interested.  

    What is new

    Our methods of communication have changed and you can now participate from anywhere.. 

    • Join from your work office or remotely
    • Dial in online on your training computer (GoToTraining - for more information see "Here’s how it works")
    • Digital video and audio transmission
    • Guaranteed to be held for 1 participant

    You do not need any special equipment or software to participate in our online training courses. 


    • One computer with mouse per participant (no special computing power, no special software)  
    • Internet access
    • Headset or microphone and loudspeaker (audio transmission)
    • Quiet work area


    • Webcam (video transmission)
    • Second monitor

    You do not need a Tebis software license or a CAD/CAM computer, because you’ll log in online on a Tebis training computer with the latest Tebis software.


    We keep the process simple for you:

    1. Register for your online training course
    2. You’ll receive your registration confirmation and an invitation link for your GoToTraining by email 
    3. You’ll receive your access data by email and dial in on your training computer
    4. You’ll complete the online training course with the trainer, participants and digital training documents*
    5. Log out after successful completion of the training
    6. You’ll receive your certificate by mail

    *We do not record our online training courses in order to comply with current data protection regulations.

    Learn and save at the same time - no matter where you are.
    • Full-value, certified Tebis training courses
    • Save time: no long travel 
    • Save money: no travel or accommodation costs
    • Participate from anywhere, your work office or remotely
    • Simple dial-in access with GoToTraining

    Live and interactive - in the virtual training room.

    • Demonstrations and personal support by trainers
    • Using the latest Tebis Software
    • Digital training documents and example parts
    • Small groups of one to six participants
    • Access powerful training computers

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