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    Basis for CAM module add-ons

    This training course is for users who want to use only CAM functions from the turning, trimming or laser technology areas after this training. In practical examples, users will learn about the Tebis user interface and handling CAD data. Basic functions in the Tebis Job Manager will be presented as the basis for the more in-depth CAM training courses. Advanced training courses are "Turning", "5-Axis Trimming", "5-Axis Laser Cutting" and "4-Axis Wire EDM".


    Target group

    Users who want to only use the corresponding CAM add-ons from the product structure.
    For example, if you are only using Tebis for Laser applications you could take this condensed course along with the 2-day Tebis Base course.


    • Tebis Starter
    • Principles
    • Graphics functions and the Selection dialog
    • Toolbars and workspaces
    • Design - Mold plate drawing
    • Surfaces – basic principles
    • Extended surface method
    • Interface run
    • Extended surface methods - surface repair
    • Analyzing part geometry
    • Libraries in Tebis
    • Tool management
    • Tool simulation (TSimu)
    • The Job Manager 



    Further information on the online training courses is given here:

    Online training courses

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