Looking back on the 2023 Tebis Open House

    We bring it all together to offer our customers reliable processes and enhanced competitiveness

    What began 20 years ago as the Open House for our new corporate headquarters has developed into a genuine industry meeting place. The expert talks by Tebis specialists and our collaboration partners are just as important to our guests as the networking opportunities they find here at the Open House.

    This year’s anniversary event was all about efficiency and automation as a means of ensuring reliable processes and greater competitiveness.

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    Panel discussion

    Right after the opening, at the panel discussion moderated by Richard Pergler, representatives from prestigious companies like AFS Entwicklungs + Vertriebs GmbH, Dieffenbacher GmbH, Craemer GmbH and Christian Karl Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG discussed the differences and commonalities between manufacturing processes in machine-building and tool and mold-making. It became clear that both industries are facing similar challenges when it comes to ensuring their success into the future.

    Presentation program

    On the second day, Tebis customers Tofas Türk Otomobil Fabrikasi A.S., RSB Rationelle Stahlbearbeitung GmbH & Co. KG and Modelleria Modenese S.R.L., Modena shared interesting insights on how they work and how the software and services from Tebis help them succeed.

    The Tebis presentations covered a number of subjects, including the advantages of digital twins, Industry 4.0 and machine learning for manufacturing in the future.

    Other presentations described customer projects in the fields of model-making, tool-making and machine-building that saved between 35% and 90% of the time usually needed for data preparation, NC programming and mechanical production. These successes are supported by service offerings like process implementation and key-user service.


    In keeping with the event motto “Efficiency and Automation,” a variety of booths showed how routine activities in CAD and CAM can be standardized and therefore automated. This approach also leads to greater process reliability: for example, the integrated NC verification function. Standardization yields benefits throughout the entire process chain, from data preparation utilizing virtual work preparation and NC programming to setting up and working on the machine and the final automated quality control.

    The panelists also discussed the advantages of using mill-turn and turn-mill machines for the complete machining of components. The benefits of a stable CAD/CAM process for users of these machines include shorter throughput time, greater precision, and reliable processes.

    In addition to technical subjects, the participants also discussed organizational topics like planning and managing projects using an MES solution. This solution helps users master deadlines even when complex tasks and scarce resources are involved.

    The participants were also informed about the extensive collection of services offered by Tebis Consulting: for example, management consulting and process consulting, practice-oriented seminars and advice on public-sector promotional programs for commercial enterprises.

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