Upgrading to Tebis 4.1

    There's a lot to discover in Tebis 4.1: like the automation of data preparation, the modernized user interface and the new clamping device library. Tebis 4.1 saves you time in design, preparing data and programming: This is thanks to the new parametric/associative system base and the solid kernel. Stefan Armbruster, Head of Implementation, tells us why he recommends Tebis 4.1 and his top 5 reasons for making the change in the Tebis Blog.
    We are offering special conditions and are investing in our customers' expertise in the switch to Tebis 4.1. We’re also providing a special implementation offer for converting your Tebis installation to Tebis 4.1. These offers are worth a look – take advantage of them now! 
    Tebis 4.1 Update Training

    Train your entire team: Take advantage of the multi-employee discount and book your Update Training now. After the 3-day training session, participants will be able to immediately work with Tebis 4.1 and begin utilizing its benefits. Improve your part preparation, programming speed and machine safety.

    Tebis 4.1 Update Training - 3 days
    All the new features in Tebis 4.1 will be presented in the training, for example:
    • Working with the extensively updated Tebis user interface
    • New time-saving options for parametric design with curves, surfaces and solids
     Virtual training or in-person at our Tebis America Troy, MI location
    US $1,800
    Train 2 of your employees for the price of 1. Virtual or at Tebis America. Employees must be trained at the same time.
    On-site training Multi-employee
    US $4,590


    Tebis 4.1 Update Training - 3 days
    On-site at your location
     US $4,500


    Parametric Design Training - 4 days
     Virtual training or in-person at our Tebis America Troy, MI location
    More information about this training course
     US $1,560


    You can find more information on the topics and dates for the Update Training course here.
    The Top 5 reasons that I recommend Tebis 4.1
    Stefan Armbruster – Director Process Solutions

    Tebis versions 4.1 and 4.0 have now been merged. This creates a lot of room for automation and extensions. I find – and my team confirms – that the more you work with Tebis 4.1, the more aware you become of the advantages: significantly more structure work and improved traceability, faster implementation of changes, automated routines. CAD and CAM are brought closer together, which saves a lot of time and also facilitates training of new employees....
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