5-axis simultaneous milling

    A function for every manufacturing task

    No unnecessary parameters, no protracted deliberation ... Each function for 5-axis simultaneous milling is exactly customized for a specific machining task.

    5-axis roughing

    Tebis includes all functions for 5-axis simultaneous roughing, including the adaptive roughing strategies you need for roughing special geometries. A uniform stock allowance reduces machining time in subsequent finishing. 3-axis and 5-axis roughing operations can be easily combined, ensuring the greatest possible material removal.

    Roughing rotational parts

    The "NC5ax/MRadial" function is ideal for fast NC programming of 5-axis simultaneous toolpaths for roughing pocket and slot geometries in rotational parts: Again, just select the surfaces and the blank, and then machine the part with a contour-parallel path layout.

    Roughing pocket and slot geometries in rotational parts

    Adaptive roughing

    Ideal for fast 5-axis simultaneous machining of free-form surfaces and free-form pockets with HPC tools

    Adaptive 5-axis free-form surface roughing.
    Adaptive roughing of free-form pockets

    5-axis roughing along a curve

    Perform 5-axis simultaneous milling along any contours, accounting for part and protected surfaces. This method is suitable for scribing in model manufacturing, for example. Collisions can be avoided with automatic avoidance strategies or by specifically selecting the tool tilt direction. The required guide curves can be easily prepared with coordinated Tebis CAD functions. It is also possible to develop engraving paths directly on the part surface using special strategies.

    5-axis side milling

    You can manufacture all forms of blank surfaces under ideal cutting conditions and reduce machining time with optimal downfeed: This allows material to be removed in layers with smaller lateral stepover, protecting the tool. A special advantage for 5-axis milling using circle-segment cutters with barrel geometry: Tool tilt direction is precisely adapted to the geometry.

    Machining flanks with barrel cutters ...
    ... and with flat cutters
    5-axis simultaneous machining of flank faces with barrel cutters

    5-axis face milling

    Tebis creates NC paths directly on the surface. This allows you to achieve outstanding surface qualities with HSC milling (high speed cutting). You can position your tool with a lateral tilt as well as a positive or negative lead angle and thus also ensure optimal machining conditions, even for complex parts across surfaces.

    Automated multi-axis deburring

    Tebis lets you machine sharp part edges using ball cutters or tapered cutters with automated multi-axis deburring. The tilt direction is automatically determined; the tool automatically avoids shank and holder collisions. Complex 5-axis machining operations can be optimally prepared using special preparation functions.

    Example: machine manufacturing
    Example: Mold manufacturing