Tebis 4.1 offers automation, user-friendliness and practical implementation

    Martinsried, Germany, October 13, 2021– Tebis 4.1 is a complete CAD/CAM system that’s designed for the automated manufacturing of individual machine, mold and die parts. It enables CAD/CAM users to perform tasks in design, manufacturing preparation and NC programming in a single system with a high degree of automation. Tebis presented the most important new developments in CAD and CAM at the EMO in Milan (October 4 - 9). The company is consistently moving forward with greater automation, user-friendliness and practical implementation. Tebis has clearly demonstrated the many advantages of rule-based procedures by drawing on its proven internal expertise with both CAD and CAM applications. In particular, manufacturing companies that frequently import complete CAD data sets into their CAM system will benefit tremendously from the methods in-tegrated in Tebis and from our current improvements.

    Tebis also demonstrated its new milling functions that were developed to target specific machining tasks.

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