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    Update Version 4.1

    In this update training course, participants will get to know all the important new features of Tebis V4.1. Questions regarding installation and data transfer from V4.0 (migration) are clarified. The changes in the user interface and the intuitive handling of CAD data will be presented. In practical exercises, participants will learn about associative work with wire-frame models as well as the basics of creating parametric/associative surface models, topologies and solids. Practical exercises are used to demonstrate how to work with the Job Manager integrated in the structure tree in V4.1 for generating NC paths. The objective is for the participant to be able to apply the basic changes in Tebis V4.1 with the associated benefits in practice following this training course. We recommend "Parametric work with Tebis" as further training.

    Target group

    Tebis V4.0 users



    • Data transfer and conversion (migration)
    • New user interface (GUI)
    • Hybrid modeling
    • New CAD functions and extensions (parametric design)
    • CAD structure tree
    • Sketcher
    • Object-oriented work methods
    • Principles of CAD template technology for CAM preparation
    • CAM Job Manager in the structure tree
      - New machining and clamping dialog
      - New NCJob
    • Extensions in machine technology
    • Presentation of clamping device management
    • Presentation of measurement in the process



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