EMO live show and worry-free package offer

    Take a new perspective … Let the software get the job done: Tebis offers a plug-and-play automation solution for production machining and a comprehensive worry-free package for turn milling 
    Tebis proves its industry expertise in a live stage show at EMO and offers two high-quality solution packages: "Production machining" and "Turn milling"
    Manufacture production machining parts faster: Tebis shows how it's done at EMO
    Hannover, September 18, 2023 – The Tebis team demonstrates its expertise as a strong CAD/CAM partner for production machining at the EMO in Hannover, at Booth A28 in Hall 9 from September 18 to 23. In its own live stage show with the motto "Take a new perspective ... let the software get the job done," Tebis illustrates its approach for efficient, flexible manufacturing with maximum safety.

    Tebis also brings its production machining package to the table, a plug-and-play automation solution that was created specifically for production machining professionals who want to have their machines in continuous operation plus get a comprehensive worry-free package for turn milling.

    Live stage show illustrates Tebis's competence in production machining

    Tebis demonstrates efficient and flexible manufacturing with maximum safety on four different parts developed jointly with partners Röders, Renishaw, Ingersoll Werkzeuge, GROB-WERKE and DMG MORI. For production machining, this means fast, highly automated data preparation, fast, knowledge-based and automated CAM programming, efficiency thanks to 5-axis machining, integration of measurement in the process and safe use of complex machines (turning and milling, component transfer, etc.).

    Here’s the motto of the live show, which will be presented at the booth up to six times a day at the trade show: "Take a new perspective … Let the software get the job done." That might sound strange at first, because the machine is ultimately at the heart of manufacturing. But time-consuming reworking is all too often required. The work thus piles up at the end of the process chain. In contrast, results from Tebis show: More automation in the upstream process stations makes the manufacturing chain much more efficient and the distribution of work is more targeted. For production machining companies, this not only relieves the burden on employees, but it also makes their process faster and safer.

    Industry challenges
    Manufacture more parts faster: That’s always been the objective in machining, an industry that’s increasingly faced with the need to balance conditions like disrupted supply chains, rising costs for material and energy and the skilled labor shortage. Achieving this goal requires Digitalization and automation, which will increase efficiency and flexibility in manufacturing. 

    Tebis offers a plug-and-play automation solution for production machining
    Tebis has customized its production machining package based on these requirements. It’s designed for production machining companies, contract manufacturers and plant engineering companies who want to have their machines in continuous operation and efficiently manufacture even the smallest lot sizes. The solution from Tebis provides great added value, especially if NC programs were previously created in the control or if the current CAM software no longer meets the requirements: Using digital twins, NC programs can be automated quickly, safely, simply and cost-effectively. Output via a certified postprocessor and complete simulation in the CAD/CAM environment ensures absolute safety. This yields complete NC programs with sequences for turning, milling, drilling and even measurement integrated in the process.
    The key: With Tebis automation, the available manufacturing knowledge is compiled and saved within the company and made available in the form of automated rules in a knowledge base. These rules reduce the work – from data import and processing and setup preparation to the finished NC program – to just a few steps on the user side.

    What the production machining package provides: 
    To ensure a quick start, the package includes an automation starter kit that provides blanks, closing surfaces, zero points and correctly positioned clamping devices at the click of a button and automates NC programming with standardized roughing, finishing and drilling operations. 
    The Tebis solution can be used out of the box: Users don’t need additional software or modules or special training. Companies can continue manufacturing uninterruptedly while increasing their manufacturing tempo and throughput.
    Tebis offers a comprehensive worry-free package for turn milling
    With its new comprehensive worry-free package for turn milling, Tebis is specifically targeting machining companies with combined machines. This enables simple programming for even complex turn-milling parts using automatic database-supported CAM programming with the virtual machine in Tebis. Tebis has a proven base of experience with more than 6,000 supported machines. 
    The tedious and detailed manual programming on the control that’s often necessary for turn-milling parts is now a thing of the past. Companies manufacture their turn-milling parts up to 70% faster and can therefore operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

    The comprehensive worry-free package includes the CAM software for turn milling, digital twins (in the form of virtual machines) and online training modules.
    In its live show, Tebis demonstrates how putting automation before the machines makes your manufacturing chain much more efficient and your processes faster and safer (image: Tebis AG)
    Image 1
    Aluminum support manufactured on GROB G552 (image: Tebis AG)
    The four star parts in Tebis's live stage show at EMO:

    Image 2
    4-column guide of tool steel 1.2312, manufactured on Röders RXP601DSH in collaboration with Ingersoll Werkzeuge (image: Tebis AG)
    Image 3
    Kaplan hub of aluminum, manufactured on DMG MORI DMF 300|8 FD in collaboration with Ingersoll tools and Renishaw (image: Tebis AG)
    Image 4
    Screw of tool steel, manufactured on DMG MORI NTX 3000 (image: Tebis AG)
    Image 5
    The Tebis plug-and-play production machining package is suitable for all parts in production machining (image: Tebis AG)
    Image 6
    The Tebis turn milling package: These typical parts can be manufactured completely worry-free with the Tebis turn milling package (image: Tebis AG)
    Image 7
    Precise modeling of the machine in the CAD/CAM environment is important for turn milling. Tebis demonstrates its experience with over 6,000 supported machines (image: Tebis AG)
    Image 8

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